David Jaffe wants you to Shoot His Truck

You get the feeling that “ridiculousness” is a key concept in David Jaffe’s mind, even if it’s perhaps not a real word. Today’s example: Shoot My Truck, part of the promotions for the upcoming release of Twisted Metal.

It’s about as simple as it sounds, too. Point your browser at ShootMyTruck.com, and you’ll gain access to a fully loaded, automatic weapon that has been aimed precisely at Sweet Tooth’s truck.

…not virtual access. Real access. The firearm in question is an M249-SAW, you’re given 60 bullets, and Sweet Tooth’s truck has been set up in the middle of a desert somewhere, so any messes are easy to clean up.

The event itself is set to run between February 14-15 (so you’ll have to choose between playing the actual game and checking out this event), and Sony claims more than 100,000 bullets will be fired during the daytime-only exercise.

Things to note: For legal purposes, “The following promotion is intended for viewing in the 50 United States and D.C. only” – and you’ll technically only be entered into the draw to fire off a few rounds. You’ll need to sign up with your Twitter or Facebook account, and Sony will draw a number of names out of a virtual hat.

The prize, officially: 30 seconds of shooting an “actual automatic weapon” at Sweet Tooth’s truck (technically a replica), from the comfort of your own computer.

Clear your calendars: The firing range will be open from 7am-3pm Pacific Standard Time on February 14th, and then 5am-2pm February 15th (1920 time slots available in total). Once all the fun is over, a final “Kill Shot Event” is planned for 3pm PST on the 15th.

You can sign up beforehand if you like – or you can hang around on the website all day, actively logged on, to be eligible for a last-minute draw, based on the need to fill the queue.

[img_big]center,7805,2011-04-10/TMX_SELECTS_013.jpg,Twisted Metal[/img_big]

…and that Kill Shot Event? That’s not scripted either. Everybody who’s logged into the site – and currently active – at 2pm PST February 15th will be entered into a new pool. Three winners will be picked at random, given new instructions, and the opportunity to blow stuff up. “The Kill Shot experience will last approx 90 seconds.”

Despite all this speak of “winners” and “prizes”, there’s nothing for you to take home other than a pretty unique experience. No cash, no games, no steak dinner. Just the opportunity to fire a gun, through your web browser, at a demented icecream truck that features in Twisted Metal. At the end of the day, isn’t that good enough for you?

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