Downloadable Killzone re-release shelved

Last month, Guerrilla Games announced that the original Killzone would be released on the PlayStation Network in the coming months.

Today, the developer has backflipped spectacularly, admitting via Twitter that the project has been effectively cancelled.

With regards to KZ1 for PS3, not sure what happened but I’ve been informed that it’s been delayed indefinitely.

The team steadfastly denied knowing any further information on the topic.


The Killzone re-release had been outed by the pesky folk at the ESRB and later confirmed by Sony, but everybody’s been mighty quiet about it since.

With the developer not saying anything, the whole thing is pretty open to interpretation, with some hopefuls crossing their fingers that the game has not been permanently axed, instead put on the back-burner for something larger that Guerrilla is working on – perhaps a Killzone trilogy pack…?

The rest of us, though, just have one fewer game on our wishlists.

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