Help fund Double Fine's new adventure!

Double Fine isn’t content being in the somewhat unexpected limelight this week, so the company has come up with a another reason you should love it (and give it all your money).

Company head honcho Tim Schafer tweeted simply that Double Fine and 2 Player Productions are using Kickstarter to crowd-fund a new project: An adventure game, with accompanying commentary.

Double Fine Adventure

What could it be?

For fans of adventure games, this is a chance to prove that there is still a large demand out there for a unique medium that inspired so many of us.

25 minutes after making the announcement, the company had raised US$11,000 of the $400k goal, with developer Gabe Miller observing that the numbers go up by $1,000 every time he hits refresh.

The deal is, basically, that a small team working with Tim Schafer will create Double Fine‘s next game – a classic point-and-click adventure – over a “six-to-eight month period”. The game will feature modern touch technology, and will unfold in real-time under the watchful eye of the people who’ve funded it.

2 Player Productions will release monthly video updates exclusively for the people who’ve backed the project on Kickstarter, in an attempt to make the viewer “as much a part of the process as possible”.

Double Fine is committed to total transparency with this project, ensuring it is one of the most honest depictions of game development ever conceived.

Backers will also get their own private online community so they can chat to the devs and add input and feedback on the game’s content and direction, and they’ll be the first picked when it comes time for beta testing. (You also get a copy of the game, but we thought that was kinda a given.)

You can join in the fun for as little as $15, which gets you the game, the PC beta, all of the videos and access to the private community.

…otherwise, the more you donate, the more you get, all the way up to a $150,000 pledge, which will get you a Triangle Boxed copy of Day of the Tentacle – one of only four remaining in the world.

(Donations in the middle there will win you a bunch of cool stuff – lunch with Tim Schafer and the dev team, a portrait from the game’s artist, signed posters, artwork, and possibly even a photograph of Ron Gilbert smiling.)

So! Want in on this? Head to the project’s Kickstarter page and sign up.

As always – if the game’s not totally funded, you’ll get your money back. If it’s over-funded, the money will be used to make the project even better-er, including potential iOS and Mac versions. You’ve got 33 days to sign up – and if you really want, you can send as little as $1, which will give you a warm fuzzy feeling and not much else.

(Side note: We’re not saying anything about how this may or may not tie into earlier conversations that Double Fine may be involved with. We would like to think about the possibilities, however – and also mention that 2 Person Productions is currently working on a documentary about Minecraft.)

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