Gamers love slicing fruit, flying jetpacks, Halfbrick

Australian studio Halfbrick is bucking the local industry’s downward trend, revealing that its last two titles have actually done quite well for themselves.

Firstly, an update on iOS release Jetpack Joyride, which switched to a free-to-play model in mid-December to great acclaim. So great, in fact, that revenue has been higher since the switch, with 5-10% of customers spending “at least a dollar” on the app through the in-game store. Might not sound like much, but even 5% of 13 million is a pretty hefty payday, particularly when compared to the now-measly 1 million who paid for the game at its original price of $0.99.

[img_big]center,8050,2011-06-08/FNKscreen3.jpg,Fruit Ninja Kinect[/img_big]

The other big news comes from downloadable Xbox 360 release Fruit Ninja Kinect: It’s officially sold more than half a million copies, meaning 500,000 people are standing around their lounge rooms slicing and dicing with what some might say is the most effective use of Kinect’s motion-sensing hardware.

It’s also been a big seller on its home handheld platform, and Chief Marketing Officer Phil Larsen tells Joystiq the company has considered a sequel, but decided instead to stick with adding more content and updates to the original game, rather than “cannibalising” its momentum.

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