Battleship plots a crash course for consoles

Hasbro and Activision are hoping that their latest endeavour doesn’t sink: It’s an all-new action-strategy take on the classic boardgame Battleship. Yes. Action. Strategy. Battleship.

Wait for it: It’s based on the movie based on the old-school naval strategy game, taking the “seek-and-find” adventure to somewhere we never expected.

Here’s a video which should explain a little better.

The BATTLESHIP videogame is a next-gen marvel perfectly suited to turn nostalgic game junkies into battle-hardened admirals.

The game’s in development at Double Helix Games, and features its own standalone story inspired by the film, promising an interesting blend of first-person action gameplay as well as strategic naval command.

David Oxford is from Activision Publishing, and he’s a bit enthusiastic:

We’re geared up for an outrageous sea and land conflict with the all new BATTLESHIP video game. Inspired by the film’s exciting action and stunning backdrop, the game is next-gen naval warfare that thrusts players into the middle of humanity’s last stand against an unfamiliar menace.

…unfamiliar menace, you say? Battleship looks at the adventures of Cole Mathis, an elite demolitions expert, on site in the Hawaiian archipelago. Coincidentally, he’s located in a communications dead zone, as he’s faced with an “aquatic-based extraterrestrial peril”. It’s now down to Mathis to command the U.S. Navy in a “siege on the sea” – at the same time as he rallies ground-based troops for a “war on the shore” – and all of this without simple communications.


Mark Blecher, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Digital Media and Marketing at Hasbro, who owns the Battleship franchise observes:

With a BATTLESHIP videogame, we have an amazing opportunity to take our beloved property and give it a modern-day spin. The merging of tactical and action elements immerses players in an epic maritime conflict. Activision is completely up to the task of delivering a high-intensity thrill ride that’s perfectly suited for today’s console owners.

Designed for PS3 and Xbox 360, Battleship is due out in Europe and Australia in April, hitting North American shores in May, just after the film adaptation is released.

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