Sony Entertainment Network set to replace PSN

Sony is planning a new software update for the PS3 and PlayStation Vita this week (February 8th, to be precise), and you may notice a few things look a little different afterward.

Sony Entertainment Network

A state of SEN

The obvious change: No more PlayStation Network. The functionality will still be there, but instead you’ll be looking for the Sony Entertainment Network – SEN, for short.

The rebrand has been in the works since September last year, and is designed to create a “comprehensive network platform” of services, covering games, music, movies and the inevitable “other media”.

The official statement emailed to subscribers explains:

This transition is based on Sony’s goal to enhance its unique digital entertainment offering. As a series of these activities Sony started last September, PlayStation Network will be aligned with Sony Entertainment Network.
This helps us get closer to our goal of establishing a global comprehensive network platform of services across games, movies, music and more, all accessible from one convenient account.

The change is pretty straightforward – a handful of minor Terms of Service alterations, and the new name. The system itself remains the same, and there are no adjustments to your username or password.

…it’s not known at this time if the PSP will eventually catch up to SEN, or if old-school Sony handhelds will remain using the PlayStation Network forevermore.

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