Microsoft Flight lands Feb 29th with pricey DLC

February 29th is always seen as being a little bit special – and this year’s shaping up to be no exception, as Microsoft announces it as the arrival date for Microsoft Flight.

The super-shiny free-to-play flight sim comes with a playable Hawaiian map (covering the “Big Island”), which you can epxlore to your heart’s content.

Want more? That’ll require some real-world money: A pile of DLC’s due in the baggage terminal on Day One. Pick from a North American P-51 Mustang (flyable from an external perspective) for 640MS Points; A Maule M-7-260C (detailed internal and external cockpit modelling) for 1200MS Points; or fork over the big bucks – 1600MS Points will get you the remaining Haiwaiian Islands, plus a new plane (the Vans RV-6A), plus a collection of 20 new missions.

Somewhat predictably, some gamers are a little miffed at the price of the planes ($15 for a single aircraft?), suggesting that it sets a fairly steep precedent for the sim. Traditional DLC offerings have seen a collection of cars thrown into racing titles for $5 a pack, so $8 for Microsoft Flight‘s cheapest option is a little difficult to swallow.

Then again, the game itself is free, and it does look pretty awesome, so…

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