Arma 3 delayed a little, due out by Christmas

Despite never officially revealing a release date, Bohemia Interactive has confirmed that Arma 3 will be late.

[img_big]center,7968,2011-05-19/Arma3_screenshot_01.jpg,Arma 3[/img_big]

Just how late depends on who you listen to. Originally, we’d all been told that the game would come out in “late summer 2012” – sometime around the middle of the year. Now, the game’s official website references Q4 2012, and anxious gamers are interpreting that as a serious delay.

A spokesperson for Bohemia spoke to Eurogamer, claiming that the delay’s not that bad, really.

We did not reveal exact release date so far but our target was for some time and still is Q4 2012.

However, we are prepared to give development additional time if it will need it to ensure as good experience as possible. As soon as we have more specific release dates and plans we are going to communicate it clearly.

Arma 3 follows Captain Scott Miller, who has found himself washed up on a hostile island after a NATO mission in the Mediterranean goes wrong.

There’s still no precise date on the table for Arma 3, but Bohemia can promise one thing – it’ll be out after Carrier Command: Gaea Mission. Mark that one in your calendars.

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