American Nightmare started as survival mode

Its title sounds like a spin-off, and the choice to make it download-only always suggested that Alan Wake’s American Nightmare isn’t quite the fully-fledged sequel that we might have hoped for. Now, Remedy Entertainment reveals that – surprisingly enough – the basis for the game was teased out from the original Survival mode from Alan Wake, before spiraling into the fully-fledged story we see before us.

In a new developer diary, Remedy creative director Sam Lake explains the game was initally a play-test for a “more action-focussed” project, using the Alan Wake universe. The arcade-action plus scoreboard combination was a winner, but developers started wondering “wouldn’t it be cool to add just a little bit of story?”

So that’s just what they did.

If you want to check out just what’s going on inside this author’s skull, pick up a copy of Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, due out February 22nd exclusively on Xbox Live Arcade.

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