Corpse Party planned for Japanese App Store

Late last year, Corpse Party popped up somewhat unexpectedly on the PSP for Western audiences. The disturbingly cute, disturbingly …disturbing title won itself a number of fans, who were drawn towards the game’s winning combination of ghosts, dead children, and cute cartoon faces.

Corpse Party for iPhone (via Famitsu)

Corpse Party for iPhone (via Famitsu)

Originally released for PC98 back in 1996, re-released on PC and then revamped for PSP, Corpse Party is about to be reborn once again, with word that an iOS version of the game is in the works – even if it is only for Japan at this point.

Publisher 5pb has revealed through Famitsu (spotted by Andriasang) that the game will be launched on February 9th, at an expected price of ¥2,200 – around US$29.

If you’ve managed to miss all the fuss about Corpse Party, we’ve dug up the trailer for the recently-released translated version for the PSP for you to take a look at. Basically, there’s a bunch of students trapped inside a high school which just happens to be plagued with ghosts. A wrong turn in this game doesn’t just mean you’ll have to turn around and take a different approach – make a poor decision and you’ll end up at a “Wrong End”. Making things worse – it won’t necessarily happen straight away, instead unfolding slowly and painfully over time.

The PSP version of the game includes 24 Wrong Ends (compared to just three “right” endings), and one of them sees a character take five minutes to die – in real time – after being buried alive. It’s not one for the faint-hearted, but perhaps it’ll be one for a long bus-ride home, late at night.

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