Lefties rejoice: New arcade stick switches sides

Left-handed people have copped an awful lot of flak over the years, and while they may no longer be burned at the stake for being witches, people with sinister tendencies are still discriminated against in more subtle ways.

Today’s example: Arcade sticks, typically designed to allow ease of movement for gamers who control the joystick with their left hand, leaving the right free for any required button-mashing. All well and good, unless you’d prefer to get your Street Fighter on around the other way (pervert!).

Until now, south-paw gamers have had to compromise, learn to adapt or simply not use most commercial arcade sticks – but Chinese company Qanba has come to their rescue, with the Q2-PRO “Battle of Wits”, due for release in mid-March.

Qanba Q2-PRO Battle of Wits

Qanba Q2-PRO Battle of Wits

Spotted by Shoryuken, this new arcade stick features all the elements we’re used to: Eight buttons and a retro-style joystick, designed – at first glance – in the configuration everybody expects.

However, with the flick of a switch, the device can be reversed, placing the button pad to the left of the joystick.

It’s not an ideal solution for everybody, as any ergonomic button design has had to be scrapped (no nice curves for the Q2-PRO) in order to suit a reversible design – but it’s still a big step forward for gamers who don’t play games the “traditional” way.

Currently in development to suit PS3/PC, 360/PC and PS3/360/PC configurations, the Q2-PRO is due out in mid-March, from Qanba – and hopefully available worldwide!

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