TERA sneak peek weekend cancelled

Potential TERA gamers around the world were disappointed over the weekend as Frogster was forced to cancel a planned “sneak peek” event, due to the inevitable “technical difficulties”.

The sneak peek event was designed to give European gamers a little insight into the upcoming MMO, expanding beyond the standard beta audience by handing out a limited number of preview keys. However, it seems it was not to be.


The official statement from Frogster tackles some pesky rumours that are doing the rounds – looks like TERA‘s a bit of a hot topic even before release!

The cancellation was not due to load problems caused by the large number of potential players. Player numbers would have given us a look into possible issues within the scope of a stress test. Due to unforeseen reasons, problems arose already during the entry into the game world.

To make things even worse, neither Frogster nor developer Bluehole have set a new date for the event yet – meaning you may just have to wait for the game’s release in May to get your hands on TERA.

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