Report: Skyrim High Res pack out Tuesday

Bethesda head honcho Pete Hines has a surprise up his sleeve – and it’s not that the Creation Kit for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will be released this week.

Hines already confirmed that much via his Twitter account, where he also mentioned the download would “have a special surprise with it”.

“What could it be!?” he asked – and the internet answered.

In a rapidly growing thread on the game’s official forums, cogs started turning in clever gamer skulls, and a potential conclusion was reached: A High-Res graphical pack for the PC version of the game, something many fans have wanted since launch (if not before!).

Backing up this theory, one gamer uncovered the following image by snooping around through Steam documentation:

Steam Content Description Record showing High Res Pack for Skyrim

Steam Content Description Record

Key words there, of course: “High Res Pack” and Skyrim. Pretty convincing stuff!

At this stage, of course, take everything with a grain of salt – but it looks rather possible that things in Skyrim may look even more shiny on PC after this week.

Earlier this month, Bethesda promised that the “impressive” Creation Kit was “nearly here” – I don’t think anybody expected it to arrive quite so soon!

…of course, if it’s not the new High Res pack, then it could always be horse armour. You’d be happy with that too, right?

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