Dead gamer's body left unnoticed for hours in cafe

A 23-year old gamer has died following an extended gaming session in a crowded Taipei gaming centre – and his body sat in front of a glowing monitor for nine hours before anybody noticed anything was wrong.

Police report that Chen Rong-yu was found sitting rigidly at his PC, hands stretched out towards the keyboard and mouse (use your judgement before viewing this file photo). It is believed that a pre-existing heart condition, combined with low temperatures in the cafe, lack of movement and extreme fatigue may have contributed to a fatal heart attack.

League of Legends Taiwan

League of Legends Taiwan

The gamers were taking part in a 400% bonus IP event in League of Legends, which had been timed to take place in the early hours of the morning. While playing, Mr. Chen took regular nap breaks at his desk, which meant the 30 people surrounding him in the cafe didn’t realise anything was wrong. A cafe employee tried to wake him, found his body cold, and called police.

The League of Legends community forums now include a multi-page tribute thread to the fallen gamer.

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