A million gamers watched new Witcher 2 trailer

Last week, we got our first glimpse at The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition, thanks to a new trailer which depicts the assassination of King Demavend as he takes a cruise along the Pontar River.

The intro video is – from all accounts – stunning, and it should be, with forty artists contributing to the finished product, including Academy Award nominee and BAFTA winner Tomasz Baginski.

To refresh your memory, here’s the video – are you one of the one million people who have already checked it out?

The shiny new trailer is just part of the revamped Witcher 2, destined to hit the Xbox 360 on April 17th. Don’t fret if you’ve already got the game on your PC – CD Projekt RED have got you covered. You’ll be able to upgrade your PC version of the game through the built-in launcher (free of charge!) – and, if you haven’t picked one up yet, future versions of the game on PC will include the additional content.

Adam Badowski, head of the CD Projekt RED studio explains the team’s approach:

In creating the Xbox 360 version of the game, we’ve gone beyond simply porting it to the new platform. Instead, we’ve created a full adaptation of The Witcher 2 for the console. We’ve changed the game’s controls and its menus to reflect the differences between the platforms, and we’ve made extensive modifications to the RED engine to make sure that the graphics are jaw-dropping for Xbox 360 players. We’re proud of the fact that this will be one of the best-looking games ever to come to the Xbox 360, while also being one of the most complex RPGs ever brought to console gamers.

The new content doesn’t just come in the form of new videos and some impressive graphics: An additional four hours of gameplay have been squeezed in to the title as well.

The Witcher 2 on Xbox 360

The Witcher 2 on Xbox 360

Meanwhile, the enhanced edition of The Witcher 2 has been granted an MA15+ rating in Australia. This is interesting only because the original version of the game was Refused Classification over a scene in the game where sex was used as a reward. We have contacted the local distributor to find out if the Enhanced Edition has also removed the offending scene.

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