Oklahoma politician wants to tax violent games

According to an Oklahoma politician, video games help cause many problems affecting the youth of today, but they can also help solve those same problems.

Representative William Fourkiller, a Democrat, has proposed a 1% tax on every video game sold which has a Teen, Mature or Adults Only rating. He explains that half of the money would go towards helping to get kids playing outside, while the other half would be placed into a bullying prevention fund.

[img_big]center,7921,2011-11-03/2950Hamburg_Hovercraft.jpg,The Mature-rated best-selling game of 2011 – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3[/img_big]

The plan is focussed on games containing violence, rather than any other adult content, as Fourkiller explains:

Violent video games contribute to some of our societal problems like obesity and bullying, but because they raise a lot of revenue, they can also provide part of the solution.

Responses to Fourkiller’s proposal have been mixed, with some commenters complaining a 1% levy isn’t taking things seriously enough. Still, in 2011, video games in the United States took a total of almost US$17 billion in revenue, so it could be a handy little earner.

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