Vita: Lumines brings the Electronic Symphony

Lumines Electronic Symphony is on its way from Ubisoft, and designed to turn your PlayStation Vita into a beepy bloopy music box, combined with super-addictive gameplay.

If you’ve played Lumines before (on any platform), you’ll know the colour-matching drill – if you haven’t yet indulged, it’s pretty quick to pick up (and, like the best of them, suitably difficult to master).

What sets this new one apart though – other than Vita functionalities – is the soundtrack. Q Entertainment envisioned a game that would take players through a “diverse but unified sampling” of electronic music, and with the latest tracklisting revealed by the developer, I’d say they’re onto a winner.

[img_big]center,8836,2012-02-01/LSE-6758685027.jpg,Lumines Electronic Symphony[/img_big]

The electronic symphony you’ll be matching blocks to includes more than 30 tracks spanning more than a decade of block-rockin’ beats from classic artists including Air, The Chemical Brothers, Mark Ronson, Goldfrapp, Deep Dish, Aphex Twin and the Pet Shop Boys.

James Mielke, producer at Q Entertainment explains:

Our goal was simple. We wanted to tell a story through sound. With this in mind, our song selection was done to replicate a groovy lounge instead of trying to develop a non-stop 140BPM megamix. The soundtrack is designed to rise and fall like waves, giving the player both rhythm and respite, which would feel like a musical journey.

…in no particular order, here’s your itinerary:

  • 808 State – Pacific 707
  • Aeroplane – Superstar
  • Air – Kelly Watch The Stars
  • Amon Tobin – Wooden Toy
  • Anything Box – Automatons
  • Aphex Twin – Windowlicker
  • Art of Noise – Close (To The Edit)
  • B.T. – Embracing The Future
  • Bebel Gilberto – Aganju
  • Benny Benassi – Good Girl
  • Deep Dish – The Future of the Future (Stay Gold)
  • Faithless – Flyin’ Hi
  • Goldfrapp – Rocket (Tiesto Remix)
  • Gouryella – Gouryella
  • Howard Jones – Celebrate Our Love
  • Ian Pooley – What’s Your Number
  • Kaskade – 4 AM
  • Ken Ishii – Sunriser (Publicmind Remix)
  • LCD Soundsystem – Disco Infiltrator
  • LFO – Moistly
  • Mark Ronson & The Business – Bang Bang Bang
  • Mylo – In My Arms
  • Pet Shop Boys – Yesterday When I Was Mad (Jam & Spoon Mix)
  • Safri Duo – Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song)
  • SCSI-9 – Autumn Love
  • System F – Out Of The Blue
  • The Beloved – The Sun Rising
  • The Chemical Brothers – Dissolve
  • The Chemical Brothers – Hey Boy Hey Girl
  • The Go! Team – Apollo Throwdown
  • Underworld – Always Loved A Film
  • Wink – Higher State of Consciousness
  • Wolfgang Gartner – Wolfgang’s 5th Symphony

…and if you make it all the way to the game’s credits, you’ll be treated to another stellar track: Never, by Orbital.

Mielke explains the soundtrack was designed to include “the finest electronic musicians in the world in one game”, and Q figures the team has done a pretty good job.

[img_big]center,8836,2012-02-01/LSE-6758684681.jpg,Lumines Electronic Symphony[/img_big]

For a brief chat with an assortment of the musicians involved, head to the PlayStation.Blog to find out how artists like Benny Benassi feel about being involved in a video game like Lumines Electronic Symphony.

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