Ace Attorney movie set for worldwide release

Fans of games, movies and courtroom drama can rejoice – acclaimed director Takashi Miike has confirmed that his filmic interpretation of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney will be coming to screens around the world, rather than simply in its native Japan.

Speaking at this year’s International Film Festival Rotterdam, Miike confirmed the news as part of the the film’s world premiere screening, announcing that each region will get its own subs and dubs tailor-made to the character names used in the games. (In the current version, the Japanese soundtrack uses the original Japanese names, while the English subtitles refer to the Western versions used.)

Ace Attorney - in cinemas soon


A Twitch report of the event explains that – unlike some of Miike’s earlier works – Ace Attorney is aimed squarely at mainstream audiences.

The film itself sticks with the plot of the original game: The first five cases of Wright’s career, including the investigation into his boss’s murder. There are dirty tricks, evidence tampering, trials and more trials – and of course, ghosts.

You’ll want to have plenty of popcorn for this one, it’s a whopping 135 minutes long, with no intermission. Also – much like any video game tie-in – it’s been receiving mixed responses. Classic film reviewers aren’t necessarily keen on Miike’s adaptation, while the public (particularly fans of the games) are lapping it up and having plenty of fun with it.

No release date has been offered at this stage, but here’s hoping we’re not waiting too long for Miike’s Ace Attorney, which comes complete with tongue-in-cheek attitude and those crazy hairstyles.

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