Resident Evil 6 demo boosts Dragon's Dogma

Do you want to play Resident Evil 6? Then you should probably get in line to grab a copy of Dragon’s Dogma, an open-world action combat game that Capcom is also working on.

Why? That’s the only way you’ll be able to get your hands on the RE6 demo early.

Dragon’s Dogma can certainly stand on its own two feet, though – it’s a massive open-world combat title setting out to redefine the action genre.

Above all, it’s been designed to incorporate an all-new team system. Three Pawns – AI partners – are there to help you out, each one with their own skills that they have learned from watching what you get up to.

If you don’t like your Pawns, it’s okay – there’s a bunch of ready-made ones available, or you can borrow ones created by your friends via Xbox LIVE or the PlayStation Network.

By the looks of things, Capcom is pulling a similar move to Microsoft‘s promotion involving Crackdown, which was bundled with the multiplayer beta for Halo 3. Sales were inevitably boosted by the inclusion, to the point where Ruffian was able to make a relatively successful sequel based on their original IP. Fingers crossed it’s a similar stepping stone for Dragon’s Dogma, which really deserves the extra airplay.

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