Prototype 2 plays console favourites with RADNET

There’s some good news and some bad news today for gamers looking forward to the upcoming release of Prototype 2. The good news? A shiny new version of the game exclusively for PS3 and Xbox 360. The bad news? The PC version of the game’s been delayed by three months. Hm.

Let’s get that nasty PC business out of the way first, shall we? According to the game’s Facebook page, while the console versions of the game are still set to arrive from April 24th, the PC version’s been pushed all the way back to July 24th. The team at Radical wanted to make sure you heard the news from them “FIRST”, but offer no reasons as to why the home computer has been denied.

…in the meantime, the console versions are being lavished with attention in the form of the freshly-announced RADNET Edition.

The RADNET Edition of Prototype 2 will only be available in limited quantities at launch, and gives gamers access to RADNET, including 55 free pieces of additional content delivered over seven weeks after the game’s launch.

The new content includes Events, Challenges, Dynamic Themes and Avatar Items for your console, Behind-the-scenes videos of the game’s development, and – you guessed it – bonus Mutations to use in Prototype 2.

Ken Rosman, Studio Head, Radical Entertainment
Radical Entertainment has always focused on bringing long lasting fun to its fans, and PROTOTYPE 2’s RADNET content is our way of rewarding the game’s most loyal supporters – the early adopters, the one’s who will replay it over and over again.

We think this is great because we’re giving our fans hours of additional gameplay outside PROTOTYPE 2’s main narrative, and cool rewards – all delivered weekly following the game’s launch!

RADNET access will be included in selected copies of the console version of the game, as a redeemable code.

[img_big]center,7255,2011-08-19/1_Prototype2_Screenshot_E3_01.jpg,Prototype 2[/img_big]

If you’d humour us for a moment, we’d like to observe that the PC’s been pushed back around two months at the same time as the console versions get two months of additional content. Conspiracy?

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