Blizzard hits bugs in 64-bit WoW client launch

When Blizzard announced 64-bit support for World of Warcraft, we should have known the transition was never going to be easy.

Originally released only for the Patch Test Realm (PTR) servers, the company planned to release a beta version of the non-PTR client to interested gamers today – but things didn’t go quite as planned.

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft

From the outset, World of Warcraft players experienced errors with version validation, prompting Blizzard to pull the 64-bit client in order to make some last-minute changes.

Shortly after that, spokesperson Omrakos posted to the game’s support forums that the 64-bit client wasn’t “ready to be used yet”, suggesting that gamers set the game back to the 32-bit version instead.

A few hours later, Omrakos returned, with some bad news.

Despite our best intentions and efforts, there are some unforseen issues preventing the 64 bit client from being made available at this time.

We’ll keep an eye on Blizzard and the client’s development, and keep you posted when anything’s updated.

In the meantime, here’s what you’re missing out on: A World of Warcraft client that’s happy to work with Patch 4.3.2, which has been created by Blizzard but is not officially supported for use in the game – yet.

There’s a few known bugs (even when it’s working, this is still in beta, remember), meaning that Mac users are unable to record in-game movies, access iTunes Remote or use customised Logitech G15 LCD displays.

Hopefully a little more time behind the scenes will fix those issues, along with the client-killer validation drama.

In the meantime, a reminder: This client is not for everybody and may actually cause the game to run more slowly on certain machines. If you’d like to know whether or not the 64-bit World of Warcraft client is for you, point your browser at the appropriate website for either Windows or Mac – if it’s something that’ll work on your machine, stay tuned!

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