Steam Mobile free for all on iOS and Android

After perhaps the briefest closed beta in the history of closed betas, the brand new Steam application for mobile devices is now available to anyone with a smartphone.

Steam Mobile

Steam Mobile

First announced last week, the new mobile app won’t quite let you play Team Fortress 2 on the bus, it will allow you to chat with your Steam friends, browse profiles, catch up on gaming news, peek at screenshots, and – most terrifying of all – stay up to date with the unstoppable Steam sales. And yes, you can buy games, direct from your mobile.

Want to get in on the action? Download the Steam app – it’s free! – and then simply log in to your account (note: You will have to work through the authorisation process of allowing access from “a new computer”, so you may need to have your email handy).

Take a look, check it out – and keep a tight grip on your wallet. Those sort of sales aren’t meant to be at your fingertips.

For more information on where to grab the right app for your phone, head to the official website – they’ve got you covered.

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