Kinect Russian Roulette is morbid and creepy

This new Kinect hack will blow you away – literally, and not necessarily tastefully.

Dutch developer and artist Theo Watson took part in last week’s Art Hack Day, deciding to use his computer, combined with Microsoft‘s motion-sensing device as his canvas.

The end result: Kinect Russian Roulette.

The workings behind the project are pretty simple, and took Watson a mere three hours to code up: Kinect will recognise your face, and also your hand in the shape of a gun. Your thumb provides the hammer-movement – when that’s detected by the software, the virtual barrel spins and your finger-gun either fires a round or doesn’t, depending on your “luck”.

This version features an 8-chamber barrel, giving you a slightly better-than-average chance of winning the game.

The designer is also quick to point out that the hack is “not officially endorsed by Microsoft in any way,” and that he doesn’t want to be seen to be “advocating anything that you should try and do.” So, y’know, don’t try this at home.

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