LEGO Universe enjoys its last few hours

Sad days, my friends. LEGO Universe is preparing to pack up the bricks one last time, with the game officially closing its doors at midnight EST tonight. (That’s 9pm Pacific, 5am GMT, 4pm Sydney.)

Gamers around the world have had a little while to prepare for this one, with LEGO Group announcing back in November that the game had failed to pick up enough subscribers.

LEGO Universe first launched back in 2010 after a delay-plagued development period, and received “very positive” feedback from gamers across the board.

However, just over a year after launch, that feedback hadn’t translated into paying customers, and even the introduction of a free-to-play area in June 2011 didn’t entice many more people to sign up for paid content.

The game’s closure also puts a number of developers out of work at Play Well Studios in both the U.S. and Denmark. The team has called for fans to post their favourite Lego memories on the game’s official forums, posting a thoughtful message themselves:

Our decision to end LEGO Universe is similar to decisions we also make with LEGO Product collection, where favourite sets come and go to make space for new sets. It was time for LEGO Universe to end and hopefully new digital LEGO experiences will come in the future.

There are more details on the official website, but if you held a paid subscription after December 31st 2011, you will be refunded early next month – and if you preferred to pay for your time in game cards, they can be exchanged for LEGO e-gift cards instead.

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