Renegade X has arrived: This is not a test

Finally! Renegade X is here, and ready for your download. The tactical first person shooter “brings the world of Command & Conquer to ground level,” with some help from the Unreal Engine.

Today’s launch celebrates the fifth anniversary of Totem Arts and the Renegade X community. It’s not the whole game just yet, but the game’s singleplayer campaign is free for you to play right now: Renegade X: Black Dawn.

There are two unique factions that players can fight for: the noble Global Defense Initiative (GDI), a UN global military force seeking to eliminate terrorism and encourage progress, and the mysterious Brotherhood of Nod, an ancient cult, secret society and globalized network of paramilitary terrorists worldwide. Each team has its own array of arms and structures and tactic styles.

Five years ago, Renegade X was simply a mod for Unreal Tournament 3. The mod went through five multiplayer iterations, scooping six awards, including #3 Best Upcoming Mod in 2008’s Mod Of The Year contest, #2 Best Multiplayer in the 2009 contest, and #2 Best Vehicle Set in Making Something Unreal.

[img_three]8826,2012-01-30/Rx_BD_SS_06.jpg,2012-01-30/rx_bd_ss_cg_02.jpg,2012-01-30/RxBD_PreRelease_SS_02.jpg,Click to embiggen[/img_three]

2010 saw a major changing point for the game: The decision to create Renegade X as a standalone project. Since then, the developers at Totem Arts have been hard at work on the project – and now, Renegade X: Black Dawn is ready for your delectation.

Want more? Stick around, the eagerly-anticipated multiplayer version’s still in the works, and the more feedback and fan response lavished upon Black Dawn, the quicker you’ll get your multiplayer.

[img_big]center,8826,2012-01-30/RxBD_PreRelease_SS_01.jpg,Renegade X: Black Dawn[/img_big]

Sure, the Renegade X: Black Dawn client is a hefty download, clocking in at nearly 4GB, but trust us: Totally worth it.

While it’s downloading, you could take a look at these fancy screenshots, or perhaps indulge in a little audio stimulation via the game’s official soundtrack… and don’t forget to let everybody know what you think. Spread the word – Renegade X is coming!

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