More jobs reportedly lost at THQ Australia

Bad news is a-brewing in the Australian games industry – again – with the story slowly spreading that local arm of publisher THQ has told 14 staff that their services are no longer required.

The update comes via a trustworthy anonymous tipster, who chatted to Kotaku Australia and also mentioned that the company’s Japanese office is even worse off, allegedly shut down completely.

[img_big]center,2854,2011-01-24/homefront_2011-01-04_15-56-35-29_bmp_jpgcopy.jpg,Homefront – THQ 2011[/img_big]

It’s not the first we’ve heard of troubles at THQ, which was the target of stories earlier this month which claimed the entire business was being prepared for sale, after axing a large number of planned releases.

Despite denying those rumours, the company is currently undergoing the usual “organisational restructuring”, which has seen a number of employees lose jobs in both administration and publishing.

Last year, THQ suffered some hefty blows, with the closure of both Australian studios just the tip of the iceberg.

We have contacted THQ for more information.

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