Want to play Resident Evil for Game Boy Color?

Got some spare change and want to check out a previously-unreleased Resident Evil port for the Game Boy Color? Believe it or not, you have that chance right now.

The story goes: Before Resident Evil Gaiden, Capcom had been working on another game with HotGen: A direct port of the original Resident Evil, made playable for Nintendo‘s early handheld.

Resident Evil for Game Boy Color

Resident Evil for Game Boy Color

Even though the game was reportedly “near complete”, Capcom management axed the project, claiming “quality concerns” and that they “were not confident that the product would have made both consumers and Capcom happy”.

A handful of gameplay videos have been floating around, but the Game Boy Color adaptation of Resident Evil has never officially seen the light of day… until now.

An unidentified party has stepped forward, claiming to have a cart of the game which is “90%” complete. There are some gameplay elements which are incomplete, the difficulty settings are a bit out of whack, and nobody seems quite sure whether or not any endings are complete.

But it exists. And, if you want to play it, the fellas at Assembler Games are using this as a bit of a fundraiser, slapping a price tag of US$2,000 on the public release of the game.

…actually, the public release of two games – a second cart has also appeared, and seems to be a different build of the game. This time there is no load game function, Jill is not playable, and there are some inventory changes.

The plan: Once the fundraiser has, ahem, raised the appropriate funds, the ROMs will be released onto the internets for anybody to play. Right now, they need a little more than $500 to reach their target – surely you can help contribute a little something!

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