PC Rayman Origins will be DRM Free, out March

Rayman Origins, the retrolicious 2D platformer released late last year from Ubisoft, is set to make a splash on PC as well, starting March 29th.

Rayman Origins - Australian Box Art

Look for it on store shelves!

The game itself is an awesome return to form for our hero who – despite having no arms and no legs – is challenged to rescue the entire world, or at least the Glade of Dream, under fire from the “nefurrious” Darktoons.

He’s not alone, however, with blue buddy Globox on-side as usual, plus two crafty wizards known as the Teensies.

Just like the console version, Rayman Origins sees gamers controlling Rayman himself in the solo campaign, with drop-in/drop-out offline co-op multiplayer meaning that up to three friends can join in as either of the two Teensies, or as Globox.

There are a whopping sixty levels to work your way through, packed with challenges, and most tend to have multiple paths for you to follow, depending on your playstyle, skills and the abilities you have unlocked. Just because you’ve played through it once doesn’t mean you shouldn’t revisit it later, once you’ve got some new techniques under your belt. (For more information, check out our preview of the game!)

Rayman Origins for PC will be available both as a digital download through Ubishop and other online retailers (including Steam), as well as via the bricks-and-mortar location of your local gaming emporium. Developers have already stated that – despite Ubisoft‘s recent track record, the game will not contain any pesky DRM.

[img_big]center,8118,2011-11-24/RO_VITA_JUNGLE.jpg,Rayman Origins[/img_big]

Pre-order it now through your preferred e-retailer, and you’ll snag a free copy of Rayman 2, if you want to check out Rayman’s real retro origins.

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