Angry Birds would like to be your Facebook friend

Chalk this one up as one of the inevitabilities of 2012: Angry Birds is headed to Facebook. All jokes about addicted gamers turning down social contact in order to play just-one-more-level aside, it’s set to arrive on Valentine’s Day.

Angry Birds discover an empty nest

Uh oh...

In case you missed it, Angry Birds is the most successful mobile game in history. It’s been downloaded more than 700 million times since its December 2009 launch – and while it’s available on virtually every platform known to man, it seems that just ain’t enough for the bird-flingers.

Peter Vesterbacka is the outspoken Mighty Eagle at developer Rovio, and he’s confirmed that the company will formally launch Angry Birds for Facebook in Jakarta, Indonesia. (It might sound like an odd place for a launch, but apparently that’s where 41 million of Facebook’s 800 million users happen to reside.)

We are going after the emerging markets in a big way this year.

It’s not the only interesting new platform for the game – as part of its plan to cross 1 billion downloads by the end of 2012, Rovio is adding Angry Birds to every Nokia Asha feature phone, as well as each new Samsung Smart TV (the star of this month’s CES expo, held in Las Vegas).

The Facebook version of the game will be free to play, but if you’d like a powerup or two, perhaps an earthquake or stronger birds, you’ll be able to pick ’em up for US$0.99 or simply earn them by playing longer. Of course, the experience comes bundled with social features, designed to annoy your friends into bating your high score.

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