Gotham City Impostors opens console beta to all

Ready, Jokerz? Wanna go beat some Batz? Now’s the chance you’ve been waiting for, as Gotham City Impostors leaps into Open Beta for both Xbox 360 and PS3.

Xbox 360 gamers have to head to the game’s official site and sign up for a code to download the beta client.

No such messing around for you PS3 folks – simply head to the PlayStation Network store and snag the client straight away.

Comparisons to Valve‘s cartoon smash Team Fortress 2 are inevitable, but – as developer Monolith told us at E3 last year, the two games are very different. Simply put, TF2 is class-based, while Gotham City Impostors has no class.

…the full version of the game – for Xbox 360, PS3 and the humble PC – will be released some time next month.

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