Splash Damage set to make waves in 2012

It’s been ten years since Splash Damage burst onto the scene as a mod developer for Quake 3 Fortress. In the decade that followed, the (still) fiercely independent studio has shown a certain flair for multiplayer first-person shooters, most notably the Enemy Territory franchise.

The Splash Damage Tapir

The Splash Damage Tapir

To celebrate the “fantastic” first ten years of Splash Damage, CEO Paul Wedgwood has posted a heartfelt update to the company blog, thanking fans and offering a “quick glimpse” of what to expect from the studio over the next few months.

First off, I want to thank all of you for your support throughout the years. Some of you have been with us right from the days of the Q3F mod team, then Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars, and Brink. You’ve not only played our games, but also created countless maps and modifications, organized tournaments and leagues, and started fan sites in very-nearly every corner of the globe. We appreciate your interest and support more than we can say, along with your comments, feedback and, yes, complaints too. We look forward to sharing this next chapter in Splash Damage’s history with you.

The company has “learned from its mistakes”, says Wedgwood, and even though the industry continues to sound the death knell on PC gaming, the CEO believes the platform “is looking healthier than ever”.

The next chapter promises to be “the most significant year” in Splash Damage history: A number of “amazing” new hires, and more than a few significant announcements on the horizon.

We’ll be revealing new titles – both on platforms we’ve previously visited (including the PC and the world’s leading consoles), as well as exploring spaces completely new to us.

…what does that all mean? No one knows, at this point (except perhaps Paul himself), so – as a whole – we just have to sit tight and accept that there are some cool things coming our way, courtesy of Splash Damage. Whether that means more Enemy Territory, more Brink or even something to do with Quake is yet to be seen.

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