Sony Personal 3D Viewer ready for AU pre-order

If playing games and watching movies on your big screen tv just isn’t enough any more, Sony is about to launch its latest innovation: The Personal 3D Viewer, HMZT1.

Promising a “spectacular new style of viewing”, the headset offers support for both 2D and 3D video, showing on twin HD OLED panels that are just 0.7in in size. That’s a full 1280×720 display packed into a screen that’s 18mm on the diagonal – no small feat!

HMZT1: Sony Personal 3D Viewer

HMZT1: Sony Personal 3D Viewer

But what else did we expect from Sony? The company’s been working on this technology for a while now, bringing accurate colour reproduction (blacks are black), high contrast and the all important fast response capabilities to the table, giving your videos added depth and smoother edges.

The HMZT1 uses a “dual panel 3D method” – effectively giving you one tiny screen, complete with its own dedicated 3D video for each eye. Thanks to this technology, rather than flickering between two videos on one monitor, the 3D effect is natural and bright, and avoids the annoying crosstalk.

Further to all of this, the horizontal viewing angle is an impressively wide 45 degrees, thanks to a built-in optical lens to cope with any distortion. The end result: A 750-inch screen at a virtual viewing distance of 20 metres.

It’s already plenty immersive, but if you want to block out the real world a little more, attach the shade plate accessory and remove all that pesky ambient light.

…after all that, it’s also good to see they didn’t skimp on the audio for the built-in headphones. Sony has thrown in its proprietary 5.1ch Virtual Sound Technology, designed specifically for headphones, complete with four different surround sound modes.

Now – the price. This one ain’t cheap, sorry. Recommended price is AU$899, and it’ll be stocked at Sony Centre stores around the country, as well as via

Pre-orders in Australia kick off on January 27th, with a very limited amount available. The rest will arrive in the country in late March, so you’ve still got a little time to save up. Make sure you tell us how you go!

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