Mass Effect 3 figures packed with "random" DLC

With the game just over a month away, it’s unsurprising that a new collection of Mass Effect 3 figurines has started popping up for pre-order in a number of stores. What is surprising is what they’re packed with.

Mass Effect 3 Action Figures: Pack 1

Mass Effect 3 Action Figures: Pack 1

No, not removable weapons or alternate costumes – that’s all a bit run-of-the-mill, don’t you think? Instead, EA and BioWare have included an exclusive piece of downloadable in-game bonus content with each figure.

BioWare has now confirmed that the codes will be “slightly randomised” during registration, so you could end up with upgrades, boosters and modifications to make your squad stronger, possibly a powerful new weapon, or even a whole new character.

Mass Effect 3 Action Figures: Pack 2

Mass Effect 3 Action Figures: Pack 2

These codes are for PC and Xbox 360 only (sorry PS3 players!), and while it sounds pretty awesome on paper, it turns out to be an expensive gimmick.

Purchased directly from the BioWare Store, the figurines are available for US$20 each, or in two predetermined packs of four (Garrus, Legion, Miranda & Mordin / (Male) Shepard, Grunt, Thane & Tali) for US$75.

While other stores may have them on sale more cheaply than that, you’re still looking at nearly US$150 for a collection of randomised DLC. Technically, there’s nothing to say that you won’t get eight identical codes.

…given the nature of in-pack cards, it’s going to be inevitable that you’ll have to open up the packaging, too – a massive blow for collectors who like to keep things in tasty mint condition.

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