Megaupload CEO was #1 at Modern Warfare

Following his arrest, the increasingly “weird” double life of Kim Dotcom, the founder and CEO of troubled filesharing site MegaUpload has come into the spotlight. Sure, the larger-than-life character was on the FBI’s list of the most-wanted digital content pirates – but it turns out he was also pretty good at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, ranking #1 for Kills and #1 in leaderboards, worldwide.

If you’ve ever played Modern Warfare 3 against a guy calling himself MEGARACER, you’ve had a brief interaction with Dotcom, as shown in this video uploaded on New Years Eve. He probably killed you.

It’s also worth noting that Modern Warfare 3 was the second-most pirated game of 2011, which – given Dotcom’s current predicament – is a little amusing (no accusations here, Dotcom’s playing the game online on official servers, so we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt that it’s a purchased copy).

The game was also the most-sold title of 2011, moving more than a reported 15 million copies. That means there are an awful lot of opponents for Dotcom to have fragged in order to take out the top spot.

Meanwhile, Dotcom won’t be playing any games at all for a while, following his arrest last week in New Zealand, as part of a worldwide FBI sting against Megaupload, which authorities claim made “most of” its money through illegal distributions of copyrighted video and audio. The case continues.

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