Xbox LIVE is DOOMed once again

DOOM has returned to Xbox LIVE. Now, if modern life is just getting you down, and all these newfangled video games are too busy and shiny for you, id Software has the solution.


First published on Xbox LIVE by Activision in 2006, it’s been nearly two years since the game was pulled from the service due to expired rights. Happily for us, it looks like id and parent company Zenimax have managed to get all of that sorted out, and the game’s hurtled back to our screens.

Right now, the game’s available via Xbox LIVE for 400 MS Points, and includes co-op and deathmatch as well as single-player mode.

…meanwhile, it’s fair to say that this isn’t the id Software FPS-related announcements gamers have been wanting for years now – there’s still no official word on DOOM 4. Hopefully this retro re-release is just an appetiser, with a main course not too far away.

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