Unstoppable Gorg unleashed on unwitting public

Don’t argue, the Gorg is Unstoppable – or so claims Futuremark Games Studio, who has just launched the “revolutionary” new tower defense game into the wild (now in amazing colour!). It’s up to you now to protect the planet from this terrifying foe.

In a market quickly threatening to become overcrowded, Unstoppable Gorg brings something different to the party: Orbital mechanics, so you can move your towers around a central base, rather than on a straightforward, two-dimensional playing field.

Plus, setting it even further apart from its peers – Classic sci-fi B-movie visuals, inspired by the art styles of the 1950s. It’s a bit special.

Grab your copy now via Steam, and play it happily on either PC or Mac (or both) depending on your preference. Act fast and celebrate the game’s launch with a 10% discount off of the regular $9.99 price tag!

[img_three]8473,2012-01-19/screenshot_5.png,2012-01-19/screenshot_4.png,2012-01-19/screenshot_6.png,Click to embiggen[/img_three]

…otherwise, head to the App Store and pick up the iPad version for $4.99 and enjoy some touch-screen goodness.

…and if all that isn’t enough for you, hold on a little while: Unstoppable Gorg is coming to Xbox Live as well, in the first half of 2012.

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