Command & Conquer rendered totally in HTML 5

For a nearly-work-safe blast from the past: The original Command & Conquer is playable inside your browser, perfect for minimising when your boss walks past.

Aditya Ravi Shankar, a dedicated fan, spent a number of 18hour workdays lovingly recompiling the game entirely using HTML 5 and Javascript – meaning that you no longer need additional software in order to get your real time strategy on.

Command & Conquer

The original, and debatably still the best.

Shankar reassures gamers that this is a technical proof of concept, and still very much a work in progress. Happily, he’s still working on developing the game further. The to-do list includes pathfinding, improving the AI and adding more levels and units to the game. If you check it out, please take the time to let him know what you think – your feedback will help improve future versions!

To see what all the fuss is about, head to Shankar’s website and take a look at this new take on the C&C experience. No downloads, no waiting, off you go.

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