Game of Thrones RPG rated for Australian release

Cyanide is remaining pretty tight-lipped on just when the RPG adaptation of Game of Thrones will arrive, but a new entry in the Australian Classification Board database suggests that Winter is coming a little sooner than we may have thought.

According to the database, “A Game of Thrones” has been rated MA15+ for mature audiences, containing “Strong violence, sexual violence and coarse language”.

Sounds like all the things we’d look forward to seeing in Westeros, right? It also lists the game as being available only on Xbox 360, but we’re crossing our fingers that was just a sample platform (and have contacted the local distributors for more information).

…of course, the game being rated does not mean a release is necessarily just around the corner, but it’s a pretty good indication that it’s at least in a playable stage and shouldn’t be too far off.

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