Blizzard expands AU/NZ support hours

Good news for World of Warcraft fans in Australia and New Zealand – Blizzard has just let us know that the company has expanded its phone support hours for the region. (They’ll probably even help out with your Starcraft queries, too.)

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Support is now available more than 18 hours a day, seven days a week – overnight between 7:30pm and 2pm in Australia (Sydney time), and 9:30pm-4pm in New Zealand. Might seem like odd hours, but if you think about it – that’s when most people are going to be playing!

If you run into difficulties, simply dial 800-452-520 in New Zealand, or 1800-041-378 in Australia (they’re local numbers, mind), and someone will help you out.

If you’re in a different region, head to the official support page to check out the appropriate numbers for your region, as well as the times operators will be standing by to take your calls.

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