Alan Wake's American Nightmare rocks with EMI

Grab your stereo and crank it to 11: Old Gods of Asgard are returning. This is your official warning! Remedy Entertainment has announced that an encore performance by the fictional rock band will be included in Alan Wake’s American Nightmare when it launches as part of the XBLA House Party 2012.

Contemporary music played a big part in Alan Wake‘s original outing, and this not-quite-sequel is set to uphold that fine tradition.

To start things off, American Nightmare features Club Foot, the breakout single from UK rock outfit Kasabian, as well as Watching the Sun Come Up by English singer-songwriter and Mercury-Prize winner Ed Harcourt.

Both tunes came about thanks to a healthy relationship between Remedy and EMI Music.

Andreas Olsson from the music publisher, explains:

Having already worked with Remedy on their previous Alan Wake title we were more than happy to continue our relationship with them and I believe that our combined ability to select and supervise moody tracks for Remedy’s upcoming action-adventure will result in a better gameplay experience.

Oskari Häkkinen, in charge of Franchise Development at Remedy is pleased with the arrangement:

Music played an important role in the original Alan Wake and we’ve carried that tradition over to American Nightmare with an exceptionally strong selection of original and licensed songs.

Alan Wake's American Nightmare

Alan Wake's American Nightmare

While we’re not sure if the devs have managed to snag such an iconic final credits tune as featured in the original (hello, Bowie!), allegedly some aural delights are still in the works – including a second spotlight on Old Gods of Asgard – and it’s even been written into the story, rather than awkwardly tacked on the side somewhere.

Häkkinen explains the inclusion is designed to “spice things up a little more”:

Alan’s old-time buddy and literary agent Barry Wheeler has become the manager of the game’s seminal rock-band Old Gods of Asgard – expect a brand new single to be included with the game!

We’re also crossing our fingers that Petri Alanko is back on soundtrack duties – his creepy tunes added a certain something to the original’s fright-tastic woods.

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