XCOM FPS delayed to 2013, RTS on track for 2012

Apologies to those of you wetting your pants over not one but two re-imaginings of the classic X-COM strategy this year – but you won’t be getting your wish.

[img_big]center,8787,2012-01-15/MissionCtrl_01.jpg,XCOM: Enemy Unknown, still on track[/img_big]

The FPS incarnation was the first-announced, but looks like being the last-released, with the revelation that 2K Games has followed through with earlier threats, pushing the 2K Marin project back to 2013.

This may or may not have something to do with the overwhelmingly negative response heaped upon the reboot when it was first announced, particularly compared to the remarkably positive reaction to the new RTS in the works at Firaxis.

It’s early days to be crossing titles off of the “Coming in 2012” list, but – looks like those infernal delays have claimed a major victim.

Here’s hoping Enemy Unknown avoids the same fate – I’m not sure fans of the franchise will be able to handle the extra disappointment!

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