3DS hands-free stand included with Kid Icarus

Gaming on your 3DS just got a little more comfortable, with Nintendo of America confirming that all copies of Kid Icarus: Uprising will ship with a handy plastic stand designed to hold your game console at just the right angle.

First revealed earlier this week as a Japan-only deal, the publisher has since revealed that the stand will be included – free – alongside Project Sora‘s upcoming release.

Nintendo's new 3DS stand

Kid Icarus: Uprising, played on a 'standsfree' console

The problem, apparently, comes from the amount of on-screen action, which was just too much to keep up with using a measly 3DS stylus, while struggling to hold the game at the same time. The new design will prop the screen at a more appropriate angle, freeing your hands to play the game, rather than holding it.

The stand holds the Nintendo 3DS at an angle above any flat surface and provides players with a comfortable option for playing.

The game’s control scheme was designed to fit the game’s unique blend of flight, shooting and melee combat, and offers tremendous precision. Our product testing demonstrated that players found the stand to be comfortable and enjoyable.

While the stand has been designed specifically for Kid Icarus: Uprising, early reports suggest that it will make a whole bunch of other 3DS games more comfortable to play as well – even those which already use the unusual Circle Pad Pro accessory.

Kid Icarus: Uprising – complete with its new hardware – is out in March 2012.

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