Good day: Minecraft v1.1 is here!

Ladies and gentlemen – may I proudly introduce the first major update made to Minecraft since the game exited beta mode in November!

Titled – unsurprisingly – v1.1, it’s not as big as you might expect in terms of changes. There are, however, a bunch of bugfixes that will be welcomed by any fan of the blocky universe.

And, of course, because this is Minecraft, we have the shiny new video from H.A.T. Films to introduce what’s new:

Major changes include:

  • Bow Enchantments
  • Golden Apple recipe
  • New language translations
  • Slightly smoothed color transitions between biomes
  • Reduced brewing time to 20 seconds
  • Added spawn eggs to creative (the colors of the eggs even look like the mobs)
  • Added world type options (currently only super-flat and default)
  • Removed collision box from ladders
  • Sheep eat grass and regain their wool
  • Plus many bug fixes!

Meanwhile, Notch – the brains behind the game – has been in the headlines again over his feelings toward piracy. A gamer on Twitter sent Notch a message, commenting that while he loved Minecraft, he didn’t have the money to pay for a copy. Notch’s tongue-in-cheek reaction was to suggest the gamer “Just pirate it“. Anyone who’s followed Notch for any amount of time shouldn’t be surprised by this – it’s been his position on the matter since before Minecraft took off. As he explains, “Piracy is not a solution to anything. But it’s also unstoppable.” At least he’s a realist.

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