Asura's Wrath demo unleashed on consoles

Described as “wonderfully weird”, the official playable demo for Asura’s Wrath has hit both the PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE.

Recommended for gamers who are feeling a little cranky, or suffering a case of Bad-Day-itis, Asura’s Wrath will help you unleash your rage in an easy-to-clean, action-packed manner.

You play as Asura, working your way through an all-new take on the action-gaming genre. Seek and exact revenge against each of the eight deities who betrayed Azura – 12,000 years ago.

The demo contains two episodes from the game, each with their own distinct enemies. Choose from Asura’s old mentor Augus, or perhaps you’d prefer the planet-sized Wyzen?

At your fingertips, you’ll find both range attacks and some impressive close-quarter melee skillz – fill Asura’s “Burst Gauge” and unleash the full force of his rage upon his unsuspecting foe.

The full version of Asura’s Wrath will be out late next month – February 21 in North America, and February 24th in Europe and Australia.

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