Microsoft announces 2012 House Party lineup

You’re invited to a party! …of sorts, anyway. Microsoft has sent out the invitations to the 2012 House Party, and – starting February 15th – you’ll be able to play an impressive bunch of games including some of the most eagerly-anticipated downloadable titles of the year – for both Xbox LIVE and Windows Phone.

[img_big]center,8714,2012-01-10/AlanWake-AmericanNightmare.jpg,Alan Wake’s American Nightmare[/img_big]

We’re not sure what order anything will be happening, but we do know that this one is out the door first on Feb 15th – that’s Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, a brand new stand-alone experience that’s not-quite a sequel but still promises an excitingly terrifying adventure.

Can you survive until sunrise?

[img_big]center,2909,2011-09-29/iamalive3.jpg,I Am Alive[/img_big]

I Am Alive has also got a lot of buzz around it – and rightly so, given the game’s been in development for years, dogged with cancellation rumours for most of them.

Finally, it’s here (or close enough) – a man struggles for survival, searching for his wife and daughter after a cataclysmic event tears his world apart.

As you might expect, plenty of exploration in this one, climbing skyscrapers, uncovering ruins and choking through dusty streets. You might be alive, but you’re not alone – survivors, gangs and fellow victims wait at every turn.


For a complete change of pace, here’s Nexuiz, from THQ. It pictures a centuries-old war bnetween the Kavussari and the Forsellians, currently in an awkward state of truce. Just because the war might be over doesn’t mean the battles have ended – these days though, they’re held in a pit and broadcast across the galaxy.

And surprise! – you’ve been dropped into the pit, taking on this arena-based first-person shooter where the rules change and physics is able to be altered at a whim.


Lovable/lethal orange alien Zero has been captured by the Commander in Warp which comes to us from EA. Zero’s relying on you to help him escape from the underwater facility, with his super alien skillz to help out: Launch, swap, echo, frag, and – of course – warp.

…and while everybody’s attention’s on the home console, don’t forget your smartphone. Windows Phone is joining in the party as well, with BulletAsylum, Chickens Can’t Fly, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, Splinter Cell: Conviction and Toy Soldiers: Boot Camp headed your way.

Stay tuned, we’ll have more information about the upcoming party – including proper dates, prices and other important bits and pieces – in the coming weeks. Til then, mark your calendars, this all kicks off February 15th.

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