Sony denies giving Kaz Hirai president job

Another story doing the rounds over the weekend: That Sony had replaced current President Howard Stringer with consumer product division head Kazuo Hirai.

…unfortunately, the story – while believable – wasn’t true, with Sony pointedly denying the claims via a short press release. While Hirai is still widely reported as being next-in-line for the top job, Sony points out that it has – at this stage – made no official announcement or decision.

Kazuo Hirai

Kazuo Hirai

It’s the latest in a series of leadership dramas for the Japanese giant, currently struggling with some serious financial losses. Despite all signs seeming positive just a few months ago, Sony is now on track to lose more than a billion dollars this financial year, due – in part – to the strong performance of the yen.

Hirai – part of “the next generation of Sony“‘s management” – could bring a breath of fresh air to the company, after his success revitalising the PlayStation business earlier in his career. At just 51, he would become Sony‘s youngest leader since Akio Morita founded the company.

With a rift clearly obvious in the company, and Sony currently denying any claims, the next few months could be interesting for the Japanese hardware giant.

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