Zynga's new mobile game causes stock scramble

After a shaky start on the stock market, Zynga experienced a further dip in share prices following the release of new mobile game Scramble With Friends. The first mobile title released since the company went public in December saw shares close 3% down on the previous day at close of business on January 5th.

Scramble With Friends

Scramble With Friends

The current trading price of US$8.91 is still up on where it had been during the day, dipping as low as $8.82 – dangerously close to the company’s all-time low of $8.75.

Despite the unease, Scramble With Friends is a fairly safe bet. Taking the popular mobile app concept of “With Friends” and applying it to the company’s word-twisting Scramble release. While you’re no longer able to play the game on Facebook, there’s now a version that’ll fit right in your pocket.

Faced with a four-by-four grid of letters, use your finger to unscramble as many words as you can find – and challenge your friends to a timed match to see who’s the best at spotting syllables.

There are, of course, a number of additional perks and Power-Ups – freeze, inspiration and re-scramble – and while the free version is ad-supported, you can hand over $2.99 and get the advertising removed, plus a few more goodies thrown in to boot.

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