SW: The Old Republic available early in Australia

While we received the standard “no comment” from EA (and no response from BioWare) when questioned over the recent classification of Paper, Scissors, Stone in November, all signs are pointing quite pointily towards the mysterious title in fact being a codename for the local release of eagerly-anticipated MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic.

BioWare has confirmed the game is officially headed to Australia, with an estimated date of “March”, or Q2.

Unofficially, though, there are plenty of gamers who have imported the game – and now, if you wander into several national retailers, you’ll find the latest BioWare epic sitting proudly onshelf.

Kotaku Australia reports that EB Games has chosen to “grey import” the game ahead of its local release, simply because it is “in the best interest of our customers”, and we’ve heard from additional Australian retailers who will also stock the game in coming days.

One thing that traditionally stops grey import games from being sold in Australia is the country’s classification scheme, which requires all games to be rated before they can be publicly placed on-shelf. It seems that this isn’t a problem for SW:TOR, with EA explaining that the game has already picked up an M rating. Apparently, the game contains “Science fiction themes, violence and drug references”, and content may vary online.

Where else have we heard that description? Tucked inside the Classification Board database, attached to a little game known as Paper, Scissors, Stone.

So – our apologies to gamers who got their hopes up over a shiny new “BioWare & Lucas” title, this mystery is solved, the answer lurking in a galaxy far, far away.

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