Play Fallout: New Vegas like it should be

J.E. Sawyer was lead designer on both Fallout: New Vegas and its Honest Hearts DLC, and it seems he still wasn’t entirely satisfied with the way the game worked out. Now, just over a year after its official release, Sawyer has taken matters into his own hands, creating a mod which brings New Vegas up to where he believes it should be.

The mod ramps up the difficulty, cuts the level cap and reduces XP gain, healing and health. A number of weapons and armour have been given a bit of a boost, to counter that. Your character can carry less stuff, but at the same time, things (like Energy Weapon ammo) weigh less.

[img_big]center,2117,2010-12-21/Dead_Money_Batch_2_19.jpg,Fallout: New Vegas[/img_big]

Many of the tweaks and changes are a matter of personal preference (we particularly like the “Stimpak, Expired” introduction), but Sawyer has also re-included some elements he wanted to put in the original game but couldn’t “because of load order conflicts, time, etc”.

A partial changelog was spotted by No Mutants Allowed, which also includes some answers from Sawyer about what he’s done – and why he did it.

Simply put, this is a mod and not an official patch for an assortment of technical reasons (including the above-mentioned load order conflicts which still persist), but also because the changes make the game “significantly more difficult”.

I’d rather have people opt-in to those changes than make them the default in a patch.

He also suggests that – realistically – making these changes official would be an awful lot of hassle for not much end result.

Finally, the game’s over. The ship has sailed. No one is working on it anymore. No testers, nothing. This mod is just me working in my free time. If I horribly botch something, you can just un-check the mod and go on your way.

While the mod was originally designed for “personal use”, Sawyer has published it so that “like-minded” folks can check it out themselves – we’ve got a copy of the tiny 88k mod in our file library.

You will need a copy of Fallout: New Vegas, of course – plus all of the released DLC to date. If you’re not quite there yet, wait until February – the Ultimate Edition of the game will include all of the required files, all ready for you to mod away.

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