Alien Arena squeezes one last update into 2011

Alien Arena has been in development – in one form or another – for more than eight years now. From humble beginnings as a mod for the original Quake, the game has since shifted gears completely to now be a standalone, free-to-play deathmatch FPS.

These days, with its revamped artwork, re-written renderer (using the CRX engine loosely based on id Tech 2) and awesome extra-terrestrial enemies, Alien Arena is a force to be reckoned with – and in these dying days of 2011, it’s been given a fresh lick of paint and a shiny new update to v7.53.

You can grab it now for Windows or Linux (did we mention, a good-looking, free-to-play FPS that runs natively on Linux?), and while it’s downloading, check out what’s in store.

Alien Arena Major 7.53 features:

  1. Extended use of VBO for signifigant performance increases on high settings.
  2. A number of bot AI changes to improve navigation, combat and more human like behavior.
  3. Added a number of video resolutions.
  4. “Dm Lights” server option.
  5. Menu changes to make things behave more consistently and intuitively.
  6. When entering join server menu, servers only refreshed on first entry, unless refresh button is pressed.
  7. Entity def files to allow maps to have multiple game types and configurations.
  8. Chaingun behavior smoothed out.
  9. Grass/vegetation rendering visually improved, and optimized.
  10. CTF scoring improvements.
  11. Smarter precaching.
  12. Speed hack detection improvements.
  13. Fixed account bugs.
  14. Optimizations for IQM and MD2 rendering.
  15. Stats math refactoring.
  16. New maps – TCA-Invasion, CTF-Zion2k9
  17. New violator sounds, skin, and effects.
  18. Added “ultra” skill level to single player mode.
  19. Added sun object control to scripts.

tl;dr? You’re looking at two new maps, custom map reconfiguration, tweaks to bot AI, and if you like running your games with all the settings maxed out, you’re in luck.

…so what are you waiting for? Alien Arena v7.53 is available now for both Windows and Linux. Do yourself a favour and check it out.

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